Lights, Camera, Action!

COA students strike again!

Students went to Portsmouth Public Media Station to film and edit a live debate on the Electoral College, the culminating project for Debate Camp. Students were directing the debate, operating the cameras, running the teleprompter, moderating, delivering speeches, and editing footage! To see the debate in its entirety, please go to YouTube and type in “Charles Ott Academy Debate Class Final” or see the link below. I am so proud of the students for challenging themselves to debate relevant issues in American politics like abortion, bullying, and police brutality; furthermore, they did so by summarizing and citing evidence to back up their claims and organizing their speech into a logical, persuasive argument. The podiums they designed, measured, cut, built, sanded, and stained are gorgeous and showcase their ability to communicate and collaborate as a team. Your student has so much to be proud of this semester; they learned and accomplished so much! Kudos, COA Otters! I am ecstatic for next semester’s project!

Check out a video of the student's debate hosted by Portsmouth Public Media TV Station! Enjoy!

-Ms. Lipka