Top Chef

Bon Appetite!

COA students successfully put together another HUGE community event, hosting their own version of Top Chef! This culminating project required them to choose a country, research popular food from that area, rewrite a recipe to accommodate up to 80 guests, cook and prepare their food with staff, and decorate a table to display their masterpiece at Top Chef. It would have been easy to throw some spaghetti sauce on top of some pasta and meatballs or serve cheese on a baguette, but COA students are no ordinary students; they prepared mini cannoli cups, stuffed mushrooms, homemade churros, wontons, and sushi.

Our students went above and beyond our expectations, creating the invitations, ballots and the ballot box, and a donation box for Madagascar, Africa where a village was destroyed by a cyclone.  The students were able to raise $45 to help the people of Madagascar. They made flags and signs; they stayed after school to set-up the room; they dressed up; they plated their meals; and they served their food gracefully and respectfully to their guests. Throughout the semester our students have been open-minded about trying new cuisine and critiquing it in a respectful manner. It’s difficult to teach open-mindedness, respect, and tolerance for others, but COA students have definitely demonstrated competence in this area! I couldn’t be prouder of them… but then, there is always the next project! :0)

We made the paper! Check us out!