Transition Services

Transition services are intended to help students be ready for what's waiting for them after high school: further education, a job or career, and adult living. Those services should look different for every student. Our menu of effective secondary practices are found to improve post-school outcomes for students and help districts meet transition requirements.

SLC offers districts direct services for students and families to help them describe a vision for life after high school and an individualized path to get there. Our options for professional development and staff consultation will help transition staff incorporate best practices into their work.

Extended Learning Opportunities

  • Assistance to school staff in the design of ELOs
  • Professional Development for staff

Effective Transition Practices

  • Flexible assistance on student-specific transition plans, transition assessment, student participation, and family and agency engagement.
  • Professional development, training and coaching options on transition assessment, self-determination, student engagement, student-led IEPs and Indicator 13 compliance

Partnering with Families

  • Direct Support to students and families through student-centered planning and informal transition assessment
  • Parent/family training and education options

Collaborating with Community Resources

  • Assistance with connecting to area agencies, vocational services, special medical services, behavioral health services, post-secondary options and more.
  • Assistance with gaining community contacts to allow student ELOs.