Social Work Staff

The goal of Strafford Learning Center social workers and the North Star program is to negotiate supports, strategies and alternative pathways so that referred students are successfully engaged in their education.

The projected outcomes for identified students include:

  • Increased attendance rates
  • Increased access to the general education curriculum
  • Increased academic performance
  • Reduction in office discipline referrals and suspensions

Projected outcomes for districts include:

  • A reduction in out of district placements
  • A reduction in school suspensions
  • Increased graduation rates for referred high school students identified as at-risk

Social worker supports are built on the premise that student re-engagement requires an individualized, culturally relevant, and strength based approach.

“Deliverables” include:

  • Weekly/regular check-ins with school and home
  • Ongoing communication with district
  • Transportation to appointments (as available)
  • Area agency coordination/facilitation (ie: counseling, juvenile justice, VR)
  • Needs assessment/behavior support planning
  • Connecting to services (eg., food pantry, medical)
  • Home visits (kitchen table family counseling)
  • Family assistance/engagement
  • Parenting support regarding behavioral issues (Creating behavioral charts/chore charts at home, organization/structure at home)
  • Liaison between home, school and community
  • Organize wraparound meetings when many services are present
  • Regular check-ins with student at school
  • Consultation – problem solving