Treasure Hunting!

Using Geocaching in Physical Education 

As part of our Physical Education curriculum, we have been treasure hunting.  As a way to increase our step count, we have been exploring our community through geocaching.  Geocaches are secret “treasure chests” hidden in plain sight; they could be under a park bench, in a graveyard, or beside a waterfall.  These geocaches are created and hidden by community members, and we use GPS technology to uncover them.  Our adventures have taken us from the streets of Boston, following the Freedom Trail to the summit of Mount Agamenticus, taking in gorgeous views.  We hope to return the favor by making and hiding our very own geocaches for others to discover and enjoy. 

 In addition to exploring our community, we have also been exploring ourselves.  Strafford Learning Center’s very own occupational therapist, Ruth Ashley, has been teaching how to practice mindfulness.  We have increased our mindfulness tool kit with a variety of techniques such as Tai Chi exercises for relaxation and doodling for concentration. 

Starting off the year with a focus on healthy minds and bodies will take us far this year!