Leadership Team Members

MInimally, the team will comprise:

  • SLC Executive Director

  • Director of Education

  • At least one representative from each program area

  • One Member Special Education Directors or designee

  • One Parent of a student benefiting from SLC services, past or present

  • One public school representative

  • One Student

  • One Regional agency representative

  • One Community business representative

  • It is intended that all SLC Programs and Center-wide committees will be represented through this membership list.

Working within the framework of the Strafford Learning Center’s Board Policy, the Leadership Team focuses on the core decisions that directly affect the programs and services offered through the Center. The Team provides a forum to receive, process and develop ideas that have a substantial impact on programs and services. This includes the addition, discontinuation, modification and evaluation of existing programs and services.

The purpose of the Strafford Learning Center’s Leadership Team is to coordinate and support Center improvement through shared leadership by:

Leading the Center’s community in defining beliefs about the delivery of programs and services

Identifying areas for potential improvement in programs and services

Collecting relevant supporting evidence for improvement efforts

Establishing and prioritizing initiatives

Developing action plans

Seeking support for proposed initiatives from the staff

Periodic reporting on the status of pending initiatives to the Center’s community

Seeking ways to strengthen the relationship between the Center, member and participating school districts, students, parents and the community