Staff Members

To lead and facilitate efforts that will improve the delivery of special education systems at various levels of scale.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Facilitation of a special education self-reflection process (vs. compliance review) for teams, schools or districts that will lead to improved quality and efficiency.
  • Serving as a collaborative “thought partner” to help navigate complex challenges and inspire thinking which could lead to changes in paradigms, assumptions or actions.
  • Assisting in the development of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (SEPAC).
  • Facilitation of ongoing “reflective practice” groups. (Administrators, counselors, special educators)
  • Facilitation of group vision/mission planning.
  • Assisting and/or facilitating program development initiatives and special projects.
  • Facilitation of groups in need of a neutral third party.
  • Coordination and/or facilitation of committees, task force groups, Communities of Practice (CoP).

Relationships are central to the change process. The deeper feelings of trust and respect across relationships, the more willing people are to create and implement a shared vision.

To find solutions for complex and interconnected issues, ensuring full participation of diverse and sometimes conflicting views is essential.Collective learning can lead to transformational change.

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