Admission Process COA

Thank you for your interest in COA.  We understand the importance of finding a placement that fits the needs of your student.  Please contact us to set up a meeting and/or tour of our school at 603-692-5472.  If visiting us is a challenge for the initial meeting, we are more than happy to come to you.  Our goal is to build effective partnerships so students can find success and reach their goals.


Please click on the link to access our admission packet materials: COA Referral Packet 


 Step 1 - Inquiry Meeting

School District contacts COA and requests a tour and informational meeting. 

Step 2 - COA Reviews Referral

Application packet submitted for program review.

Step 3 - Determination Notification

School District notified of determination.

Step 4 - Intake Meeting

IEP team convenes to review IEP and placement determination.  

Step 5 - 30 Day Review Mtg

IEP team reviews placement and progress of student.